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Tuxedo FAQ

It is not too difficult to find the right Tuxedo once you know what you are looking for!

Here are some simple tips and FAQ's to help you get set for your big day and of course we are always here to help if you have further questions don't hesitate to call us.

Preparing For Your Special Occasion:      Dimond Tuxedo Prom

If you need a tuxedo rental for any special occasions, you can stop by our showroom. We recommend you to reserve rentals at least 1~2 weeks prior to an event to guarantee availability. For grooms, we recommend you come to our stores 6~8 weeks before the wedding. However, one day service is also available to meet the demands of your schedule.

Selecting Your Styles:

Ask our staff what kind of styles you would like to wear on your scheduled day. If you are not sure what to wear for your occasion, simply ask our staff to help find a style that will be just right for you.  We have a huge selection, sometimes coming in and looking over them makes it simpler to find what you work best in.


You will get measured by our professional staff and they will tailor the suit perfectly to fit your body.

Getting Fitted And Making Sure It's Done Correctly:

Come to the store to pick up your tuxedo a couple of days before the occasion. We will check everything for you including accessories. We recommend you to try on the tuxedo before you leave.

Return Policy

Before you leave with your tuxedo, please check that you have everything. We will charge you for missing items.

Please return your tuxedos right after your event, it will really help us keep doing our business more efficiently.