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How To Measure

                               Measurements Technique Chart


The following are the measurements you will need when placing your order:

Coat Size

Trouser Waist Size

Trouser Outseam (Length)

Shirt Neck Size

Shirt Sleeve Length

For help in determining the above sizes, the following are measurement techniques commonly used:  If you need further assistance, don't hesitate to contact us directly at (907) 522-1985.


From the top of the head to the floor (without shoes) is the height. Most people know their height. The height measurement usually determines the variation.

Variation Height Range
Short 5'6" - 5'8"
Regular 5'9" - 5'11"
Long 5'11" - 6'2"
Extra Long 6'2" and over



This measurement is taken with the coat off, around the body; place the tapeline well under the arms, straight across the back, over the blades and over the chest in the front. Insert a finger between the tape and the body to insure proper ease. This measurement usually determines the coat size.




This measurement is taken with the coat off, around the body. Place the tape measure directly over the shirt, just above the lap bones and through the naval. Insert a finger between the tape and body to insure proper ease. It is best to ask the customer if he desires the waist of his trousers tight or loose and measure accordingly.




Place your pants on your waist where you feel they are the most comfortable. Take the tape and from the top of your pant line, measure to the floor. Subtract 1" and you have the pant outseam.




Measure with collar unbuttoned. Place the tape around the neck at the level the collar would fall if buttoned and take measurement. This measurement is taken for shirt neck size. It is most important if the customer's neck size seems out of proportion to the rest of his body.



Sleeve Length (total of shirt):

Place the measuring tape on the point where shoulder and arm meet (where the shoulder seam and armhole seam meet on your well fitting shirt) . Measure straight down until your desired length (the standard point is just between the thumb base and the wrist). Keep your arms straight and relaxed.


sleeves length

Note: All shirt sleeves come in odd lengths only